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My first fanfic: Nightmare? In a place called "Dream" Land? Part 1

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Waddle Doo
This story is based in Kirby's Adventure

This is my first fan fic so it'll include some grammar mistakes and such...

Ever wondered why you never have any nightmares in Dream Land? You're about to know why. In Dream Land, there's a beautiful fountain, it's water contains good dreams that the residents will have when they sleep. The fountain is powered by a white rod with swirled red stripes known as the "Star Rod", the Star Rod's power prevents nightmares from happening.
One day, a fiend with a spiraling body and blue cape known as "Nightmare" invaded the fountain of dreams. Which caused Dream Land's residents to have nightmares!
Dream Land's king, Dedede, went to the fountain of dreams to figure what was happening. He saw Nightmare flying around the Star Rod.
-"What is going on, what are you doing to the Star Rod?" Dedede asked to Nightmare.

-"Causing beautiful nightmares Twisted Evil" Said Nightmare.

-"Well, excuse me! Why can't you let us have good dreams? Go look somewhere else to cause nightmares!" Dedede yelled.

-"But this one is the happiest place to cause nightmares!" Nightmare said with a big grin on his face.

Dedede, grabbed the Star Rod and ran away with it, Nightmare just smirked and said:

-"Foolish penguin, you think hiding the Star Rod from me will help?"

Dedede ran to his castle and broke the Star Rod to pieces with his hammer. The king gave the broken pieces to his minions (otherwise the bosses from Kirby's Adventure). However, thinking about fighting Kirby again, Dedede placed his minions in different areas in Dream Land to make it more difficult for Kirby to find the pieces of te Star Rod.
After breaking the Star Rod, the residents of Dream Land didn't have any dreams. The heroic pink puffball known as "Kirby" didn't dream either. The pink puffball visited the fountain of dreams and the results weren't pretty. He saw Dedede bathing on the fountain's waters.
-"Hey Dedede, have you seen the Star Rod anywhere, poyo?" Kirby asked nicely to Dedede.

-"That old thing? I broke it to pieces" Dedede answered to Kirby.

Kirby was shocked with Dedede's answer, and gave him a stern look:

-"Are you crazy, poyo? No one is going to have dreams! I guess I'll get the pieces back!"

-"Kirby you don't understand, nightma---" Kirby left before Dedede could finish his speech.

Kirby asked around Dream Land about the Star Rod's pieces, a Waddle Doo said he saw one of the pieces in Vegetable Valley, a forest full of healthy veggies.
Kirby headed over to Vegetable Valley, he traveled around the forest and found a top-looking orange thing with yellow arms known as a "Twister", Kirby inhaled the Twister and gained some type of crown and with a tornado spinning above it, which is the Tornado copy ability.

After more traveling, the pink puffball found a tree with face made out of holes and a branch called "Whispy Woods".
-"Hey! I've seen you before! You're that pink puffball that ambushed me!" Whispy Woods yelled.

-"No wait, poyo! I just want to know if you have a piece of the Star Rod." Kirby asked nicely to Whispy Woods, to try to not start a fight.

-"Well, I have one of the pieces, but you have to fight me for it!" Whispy Woods answered to Kirby.

Whispy Woods started dropping apples as the battle started, Kirby just spun around and became surrounded in a small tornado, the tornado sucked the apples and threw then back at Whispy Woods, Kirby struck Whipsy with the tornado repeatedly. Whispy gave up and gave Kirby one of the Star Rod's pieces.

End of Part 1, what did you think? I know it has some errors but please try to spot any mistakes and I may fix them!

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